Q: What is PeRGo ?
A: PeRGo is a society of conscious citizens from various walks of life who have got together in furtherance of objective of society.
Q: Who can become a member of PeRGo?
A: Any person who abides by the Constitutional values of India and believes in upholding Democratic, Secular and Socialist principles contained therein.
Q: How do I approach PeRGo?
A: You can approach PeRGo by addressing a letter or by sending email to us.
Q: What PeRGo will do for me?
A: Members of PeRGo meet every week to discuss various issues. Your issue will also be discussed in such meetings and if found relevant to the objectives of PeRGo, the same will be taken up with your concurrence.
Q: Does PeRGo charge anything for undertaking any issue?
A: No. PeRGo is a nonprofit voluntary organization and it does not charge any fee for taking up an issue.
Q: In what way can I contribute to Pergo ?
A: By virtue of being a responsible citizen you can bring to our notice any unconstitutional action, injustice, unfair deed or wrongdoing happening within your sphere of activity. You can join us in our fight for the rights of citizens, in the true spirit of our constitution.
Q: Can I be residing in any part of the country and still join PeRGo?
A: Yes. Online communication has revamped the work culture so you could be living anywhere across India and still be a member of PeRGo.