Rajnish Maniktala
Rajnish ManiktalaSenior Advocate
Rajnish Maniktala is Senior Advocate designated by the High Court of Himachal Pradesh and practicing for the last 30 years. Area of his expertise is constitutional laws, civil laws and service matter as well. He has been active on front in taking up many social causes especially for poor and down trodden by way of filing Public Interest Litigation. He is among the founder members and acting as Chairman of the society i.e. PeRGo.
Praneet Gupta
Praneet GuptaAdvocate
Praneet Gupta is an advocate practising in High Court of HP, Shimla for last more than 35 years. His area of work happens to be Civil, Revenue, Constitutional and Motor Accident matters. He is also keen proponent of Public Interest Litigations and has done a number of very important matters of public importance. He is also trained mediator under Alternative Dispute Redressal mechanism.
Dr. Baldev Singh Negi
Dr. Baldev Singh NegiTeam Member
Dr. B. S. Negi is working with Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla as Faculty in the the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies for the last 15 years and teaching to the students of MBA-Rural Development along with other academic activities. Good Governance, Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Institutions are his area of research interests.
Ashok Kumar Verma
Ashok Kumar VermaTeam Member
Ashok Kumar Verma is present Secretary of PeRGo. After completing his LL.B. and LL.M. (Business Law) from Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla, he worked as Assistant Professor of Law at Delhi for three Years. Belonging to State of HP, he came back and started his law practice in High Court Himachal Pradesh and is working for more ten years in original and appellate side. He also has an inclination to do his bit for downtrodden section of the society.
Rakesh Chauhan
Rakesh ChauhanTeam Member
He is practicing in High Court of Himachal Pradesh and HPSAT. He is highly energetic person and always keen to extend his hand in any of the issues where injustice has been meet out to people/society.
Vishwa Bhushan
Vishwa BhushanTeam Member
He is practising advocate in High Court of Himachal Pradesh and is always willing to help needy and the poor.
Naresh Kumar Verma
Naresh Kumar VermaTeam Member
Naresh is a practicing lawyer in the High Court of Himachal Pradesh. He also happens to be an elected public representative of the Block Development Committee. He is always eager to extend helping hand to the distressed.
Rakesh kumar
Rakesh kumarTeam Member
A law graduate from HP University Shimla, Rakesh is practicing in the High Court and District Courts Shimla.
Ashok Pradhan
Ashok PradhanTeam Member
Ashok Pradhan has been practising in High Court of HP since 2014 and has been working in Civil, Criminal and Service matters. He has also been assisting the Court as Amicus in various cases. He has special leaning for taking up the matters of persons belonging to deprived classes.
Rahul Verma
Rahul VermaMember
Rahul is practising advocate in High Court of HP Shimla.
Narender Reddy
Narender ReddyMember
Narender Reddy is Advocate practising in High Court of HP Shimla
Malkeeyat Singh
Malkeeyat SinghTeam Member
Malkeeyat Singh possesses LL.B, MBA, CS Executive as his qualifications and has been practising in H.P High Court and District Court Shimla since 2011 in the field of Constitutional law, Service law, Labour laws, Consumer law, Civil and Criminal law, Motor Accident matters.
Dr. Vijay Kaushal
Dr. Vijay KaushalMember
Dr Kaushal is Professor of Management Studies in HP University, Shimla.
Ashwani Pathak
Ashwani PathakMember
Ashwani Pathak is Senior Advocate practising in High Court of HP at Shimla.
Jai Prakash
Jai PrakashMember
After doing his LL.B. and LL.M. Jai Prakash taught in law college before joining law practice. However his future had something else for him. At present he is serving as Assistant Public Relations Officer in Government of HP.

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