Use of waste Plastic in Road Construction


With the reports of the use of waste plastic in road construction coming in the newspapers reporting the actual use of such waste in road construction in the States of Madhya Pradesh, Tamilnadu and cities like Pune, Chennai, and Mumbai, the PeRGo also decided to approach the High Court of HP by way of PIL for the adoption of such technology in the State of HP.
Accordingly, a petition (PERGO -Plastic Roads vs UOI) was filed in the High Court of HP praying for directions to the State to utilize such technology so that waste plastic could be used for the construction of roads. This would also solve the problem of its disposal, which otherwise is difficult to process.
Among the party’s respondents, the Central Road Research Institute (CRRI) was also arrayed as one of the parties. On the last date of the hearing the CRRI appeared before the court and agreed to provide the appropriate technology for the said purpose.

The Court has directed the State government to respond to the affidavit filed by CRRI.


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