It was a common knowledge that all these officer or Politician, who considered themselves important used Red Light or Hooters in their vehicles. Such a practices is not only illegal but also create traffic Chaos. As such vehicle usually forced their way through the traffic in order to brake the long ques. The use of Red Light was prohibited by deletion of the relevant rules from Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989.

However, Rule 119 Prohibited the use of Hooters Accept in case of few category like Ambulance, Fire Fighting Vehicles, Police Officer on duty, Construction vehicles and officer of Motor vehicle department.

The matter was discussed by PERGO and information was sought under RTI Act, which revealed that in GAD Department Principal Secretary and other similar officers including the vehicle of Chief Minister were using Hooters in their car which is contrary to law.

Recently during General House meeting of H.P. High Court Bar Association the said matter was discussed, House was informed by members of Pergo about the Provision of  Law and blatant misuse of Hooters by the High Officials. The High clurt Bar Association decided to file a Writ Petition in the High Court and authorized Mr. Rajnish Maniktala Sr. Advocate in the matter. Accordingly the Petition CWP No. 2390/2019 H.P. High Court Bar Association V/s State of H.P was filled in the court where in after issuing the notices court has sought response from the state government of H.P

The Bar Association has sought Prohibition on the use of Hooters by all Motor Vehicle except in the permissible category.